The service automatically generates full-fledged websites with filled content for affiliate marketing


What does the generated website consist of?

A full-fledged website from 7 and more pages is generated

All used images are taken from free sources for commercial use

All articles are unique and disappears
from rotation forever once downloaded
The downloaded archive will contain a website in 2 formats - html and php

All websites have privacy policies, terms of use, and cookie collection information.

There is a feedback form leading to the thanks page on each page of the website.

You can select the language and theme of the generated website.

How does it work?

Choose a language of the generated website

Choose a topic
you need

Click the "Generate new" button

By clicking on the "Buy" button you agree to the terms of use

After clicking, the page will refresh and show you 3 screenshots of the generated website where you can familiarize yourself with the content of the website

  • if you are satisfied with the generation you can click the "Buy" button
  • if not satisfied, go back to the language selection
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