Terms of use

1. Terms and definitions

Safe Page - This is a service for source code generation sites.

Generation - It is a process that creates the website.

Guest - a user who is not registered in our service.

Customer - a user who has been registered in our service.

Zip archive - the format of archive files and data compression without loss. A ZIP archive may contain one or more files and directories that can be compressed by different algorithms.

Link - this is a direct navigation path from one page to another within the same website or from different online resources.

Advertising campaign - this is a deliberate system of planned promotional events, United by one idea and concept to achieve specific marketing objectives within a coherent marketing strategy of the advertiser.

2. The terms of service

2.1. Purchase and receipt of goods in the role of “Guest”

2.1.1. To purchase the goods you must:

  1. choose a suitable theme from the list
  2. choose the appropriate language for the generated website from the list
  3. click "Generate"
  1. To see the results of the page generation presented on three screenshots below the download button
  1. Making sure that results suit you, proceed to payment by clicking on the "Buy" or “Download” button

2.1.2 After pressing the button "Buy" or “Download” will display a list of payment methods accepted by our service by selecting you to pay for the goods. After payment you must click the download button, you get an archive of the source code of a website which was depicted in the screenshots.

2.2. Purchase and receipt of goods in the role of “Client”

2.2.1 To purchase the registered user needs to top up the balance of the account.

Deposit occurs in the upper part of the main page. Box enter an amount to specify the amount of Deposit then click on “Add” to select the most suitable payment method and follow the instructions.

2.2.2 To purchase the goods you must:

  1. choose a suitable theme from the list
  2. choose the appropriate language for the generated website
  3. click "Generate".
  4. click the “Download” button.

2.2.3 Receiving (downloading) of the goods takes place immediately after clicking the green “Download” button In the Case if there is more than one product quantity selected, a zip archive with the chosen number of products would be downloaded

2.3 The value of the goods

      2.3.1 The cost of the goods established by the site administration + commissions and fees of banks and may change at any time at the discretion of the site administration.

      2.3.2 The cost of the goods is specified on the page inside of a green “Download” or “Buy” button

      2.3.3 Funds are debited from the balance of a registered user when he clicks the “Download” or “Buy” button

2.4. Subjects and languages used for pages generation are set by the Administrator of the service and can be changed.

3. Inspection and replacement of the goods

3.1 The quality check of the goods is carried out within 30 minutes after the purchase. In case of problems with the purchased site, please contact support using the contacts provided in the section “feedback” or via live chat in the bottom right corner of our service, we will always try to answer as soon as possible, even if it is more than the specified time. But this does not mean that you can unsubscribe through the day. But the more time passes after the purchase, the less chance to get a replacement.

3.2 The service is not responsible for the possibility of banning third-party services when posting to our sites.

3.3 In the case of the reasoned presentation of evidence confirming the receipt of the ban of the advertising campaign for our websites, service providing compensation in the form of replenishment of the account balance for the rejoining sites in accordance with the amount which was purchased the site.

3.4 All whites are unique and being removed from the service immediately after purchasing.

3.5 Rash purchasing is only buyer’s responsibility. Refunds or replacement of the same product with some additional criteria is impossible. It is better to ask all the questions at the contacts section of the site, or via live chat in the bottom right corner of our service (Probably unavailable) before purchasing.

4. Replacement and return of goods

4.1 Return of funds on the personal account is provided only when applying by e-mail [email protected] from the email which the registration was carried out, Either through our service “feedback”. If the purchase was made without a registration, the Operator may require to register in our service, for reimbursement of funds on the personal account of the user.

4.2 When contacting the support with the aim of replacing the goods, the service operator is entitled to request:

  • a screenshot showing the malfunction of the purchased website.
  • zip archive acquired in our service with the source code of the website
  • screenshot with the information about getting ban with the generated site which was placed on the purchase of Your domain and the link that was sent to the advertising campaign
  • the link which was posted purchased from us website

4.3 The operator will Answer within 24h.

5. When registering on the website, you consent to receive promotional materials from safepage.store. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

6. The history of operations of the acquired sites and Deposit balances is being kept in your account and available in the top menu when you click on the balance amount. Operations of the acquired sites and Deposit balances are stored indefinitely and cannot be deleted.

7. The purchased goods are deleted from the service immediately after purchase. Our service is the ability to recover the purchased goods.

8. A withdrawal from a personal account is not possible! Replenish only the amount you can spend.

9. Prohibited use of our products for any illegal purposes.

10. We are not responsible for incorrect programming API, or other programming errors that allows a user incorrectly treating the described API Protocol. A refund for software user errors - not provided


Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @safepagesupport

WhatsApp: +7 (995) 494-21-41

Phone: +7 (995) 494-21-41